Indian Lake Fishing Report—05-13-19

Spring fishing is full on according to Lakeside Pro Bass. Crappies have been spawning for the last two weeks and are being taken at many of the popular areas such as Long Island, Lucy’s Pond, Blackhawk, and the game reserve. The docks at Russel’s Point Harbor have been producing fish. Fishermen have been using jigs and plastic. Wax worms and spikes are commonly added to the combination. White bass are spawning and many are being caught on the South Fork. Bluegills and catfish are also being taken.

Trolling for saugeye using Flicker Shads and worm harnesses tipped with leeches or nightcrawlers is producing fish. Bank fishing for saugeye is excellent. Fishermen are using paddle-tail soft plastics such as Big Joshy lures, suspended jerk baits such as the Smithwick or Rapala are also effective. A chartreuse twister-tail is the stand-by for bank fishermen. All of these baits are designed to cover a lot of territory and locate fish. Tight-lining with floating jigs heads tipped with bass minnows is a standard rig for bank fishermen. Wind direction is very important and the fishing improves with an on-shore breeze.

Fishermen are currently not fishing below the spillway because of recent rains. Fishing success on the tailwaters below the spillway depends on the amount of running water. Both saugeye and crappies were being taken below the spillway.

Lakeside Pro Bass stock photograph