Lake Loramie Fishing Report—03-08-19

Ice fishing is very popular at Lake Loramie, and seeing fishable ice return in early March was an unexpected bonus. However, the majority of fishermen are waiting for open water. Fishermen are hunting and finding a few fish. Bluegills are running 7-8 inches and some keeper crappies are also being caught. Small jigs and plastic tails produce fish. Most fishermen tip these baits with wax worms or spikes. Fishermen are also fishing around docks. Fishing on the edge of pad beds or directly over the pad stems can also produce fish. Loramie is a use-friendly lake for bank fishermen. Large areas of good fishing is easily accessible by land.

Saugeye fishermen will concentrate at the Luthman bridge area. The 119 bridge is also a popular saugeye spot for ice fishermen.  When the water is running, fishing below the new spillway has produced good numbers of saugeye. Jigging blade baits like the Vibe “E” can be effective. Slender Spoons and Swedish Pimples are also popular baits. Some fishermen are tipping spoons with minnow heads or whole minnows. Extreme caution should be taken on the ice at all times, especially ice that isn’t new. Along with warmer temps, any significant rain should have an immediate impact on the ice.