St. Marys Fishing Report—03-08-19

Single digit temperatures at the beginning of March gave fishermen bonus time on the ice. Freezing and refreezing can cause weaker ice. Thickness can vary because of other factors such as snow cover and water currents. Fishermen should rely on their personal observations to determine safe ice. The annual drawdown takes place between October 15 and March 15. Currently, there is no water being released at the spillway. Decisions to open the tubes will be based on spring rains and running tributaries. Ice fishermen were on Beaver Creek to start the month. Spillway fishing is most active when the water is moving.

Fishing activity is light but should pick up when temperatures start to warm and open water becomes available. Occasional open water in February produced large crappies signaling a good spring. Those fishermen still on the ice are hunting fish and focusing on deeper channels on both the north and south side of the lake. Good starting spots are the popular open-water crappie areas such as Anderson’s, East Bank Marina, Harman’s, and Windy Point. Most fishermen are using small ice jigs and blades tipped with small plastic tails. White, pink, and orange are popular colors. Wax worms and spikes are often added to the combination.